Tradition with a touch of innovation

Salame Diavola

Flour – Water – Salt- Yeast, worked by the hands of our skilled Pizzaiuolo’s

Mixing simplicity, innovation and tradition

Our dough contains only 4 essential ingredients and a process perfected over 200 years

STEP ONE - Innovation

To ferment our dough we use the contemporary method of Biga: a double fermentation process of 72 hours.
The result it’s simply amazing: full flavour, lighter dough and better digestibility.

STEP TWO - experts

Every Pizza is carefully hand-stretched by our Pizzaiuoli in Napoli, world’s apart from the the industrial frozen pizza that most people are used to.

STEP THREE - Tradition

Our Pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven that operate at a temperature of 450 degrees, critical to getting a light and fluffy crust.

Just the best ingredients - We are obsessed

Sourced exclusively from Italy and largely nearby our Napoli based kitchen in the Campania region

We are committed to providing the best ingredients in a sustainable way


We use only the best organic and locally grown San Marzano tomatoes, giving our sauce a rich and unbeatable taste.


We use only the best type 1 Flour in our pizza bases. This flour is less refined and provides higher levels of protein, fibers and natural antioxidants.


Fresh, high quality Mozzarella Fiordilatte 

The other main ingredients, like the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salame, Prosciutto and Basil come from the south of Italy: Campania and Apulia. Mostly from small local producers.

That’s why each and every pizza we produce is a unique masterpiece
No two pizzas will look the same 

Key Innovation - retaining the Flavour all the way to you

Straight out of the oven the pizza undergoes an advanced cryogenic treatment: the ultra-rapid freezing at -40 degrees ensures that both the taste and nutrients are retained

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