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Getting Started

  • Best way to heat up the pizza?
    Preheat a normal oven to 220c (ideally fan assisted). Place directly on the grill or heated oven tray. It should take around 8 mins. Basically until the cheese is melted, the crust is firm and it has a trampoline bounce in the middle when you pick it up.
  • Cooking two pizzas at once
    Simply put the second pizza on the bottom tray and add up to two minutes to the cooking time.
  • How big are the pizzas? Will they fit in my freezer?
    The pizzas are approximately 3cm high and 30cm wide. Six will fit comfortably in a normal freezer compartment.
  • Do I need to order one pizza per person?
    The pizzas are approximately 500gms each. So they are perfect for sharing or eating on your own if you're feeling hungry.
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