Handmade Italian Pizza

from Napoli to you and Ready in 8 minutes


Serving handmade Neapolitan pizza to family and friends has never been easier, impress your guest!


Handmade in

Enjoy the perfect pizza: slowly fermented dough, hand-stretched and baked by Maestri Pizzaioli in a traditional oven.

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Best Local

We source premium ingredients from local Italian producers, resulting in richer flavor and an unbeatable taste.


Convenient &

Ridelli pizzas are always handy in your freezer to recreate the restaurant experience in a few minutes.


Delivered to Your

We deliver to your door three times per week in the stockholm area. Pick the most convenient date and time slot .

The restaurant experience at your home

Enjoy the best possible Pizza experience in the comfort of your home, no heavy prep or mess.

Our chefs make our food from scratch and flash freeze it to lock in the flavor. ome.

No more late food deliveries, with cold and soggy pizza. You are finally in control and you will never be disappointed again.


How It Works

Choose your Pizza

Fill up your pizza box, choosing among our 4 artisanal pizzas. Pick among vegan, vegetarian or classic meaty options.

Select the Delivery Time

Pick among Monday, Tuesday or Sunday and the available time slot. Track your order and make sure to be at home before the delivery!

Cook in minutes!

Preheat your oven at 220°, then cook the pizza for approx 8 minutes or until the cheese is melted.

Our ingredients, Our Process

Restaurant-quality Italian at a great price that's ready in minutes.

Reviews From Ridelli Customers​

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Debbie StrandDebbie Strand
08:24 29 Dec 22
Very good service. Very good website. Very good pizza!
Alberto CortiAlberto Corti
08:00 09 Sep 22
Really good. I was a bit skeptical about the price in the beginning, for a frozen pizza, but after my first order I find it so much better than most pizza places in the city that I am definitely going to re-order. Convenient to have at home. Really authentic, not heavy dough, amazing toppings. Totally worth it.
A StockholmerA Stockholmer
05:48 09 Sep 22
I never used to eat frozen pizza… it always has that doughy, plasticky taste with lifeless toppings. Until I found this one…For me, it’s the dough in a pizza that makes all the difference. This pizza has excellent dough - textured, airy and great taste! This one has been made with love. And that pizza sauce… vibrant and yumm!
Sofia PlathánSofia Plathán
10:29 03 Sep 22
Finally a good frozen pizza, the real deal!! Super convenient to have at home.
Andrea CoschieraAndrea Coschiera
09:16 31 Aug 22
Original taste of the restaurant-quality Neapolitan pizza at the best price all over Stockholm, highly recommended!

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